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38th Annual

Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club

38th Annual Pike Tournament

May 25th, 2024

The Sturgeon Falls Rod & Gun Club, known for its commitment to environmental conservation, is all set to host the 38th annual Pike Tournament on May 25th, 2024, in Cache Bay. This event, deeply rooted in the club’s conservation ethos, marks a significant gathering of over 500 outdoor enthusiasts who either participate or volunteer. It’s not just Northern Ontario’s best Pike Tournament; it’s a powerful symbol of the community’s dedication to sustainable practices and the preservation of fish, game, and natural resources in the West Nipissing area. This tournament is a blend of competitive spirit and conservation awareness, celebrating the unifying passion for the great outdoors among its participants.

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If you would like to register for our tournament, get your information ready. Our tournament is a one day, two person per team tourney.


With almost 30 square kilometres of fishing, you are bound to catch the big one in the Cache Bay area!


One of Ontario’s largest and oldest running fishing tournaments we are happy to be able to give out over $50,000 worth of CASH & prizes.

What’s New!

  • Entry fee is $250.00, that’s the bad part! The good part is $30.00 of every entry fee will be returned in cash to the teams who measured the 1st , 2nd and 3rd largest live released northern pike! (BIG FISH RULES – CLICK HERE!)
  • No Friday night orientation meeting. All necessary information will be on the website, emailed to you as it comes available and included in your goodie bag which will be given to you Saturday morning after your boat is checked.
  • New fishing hours: 1st flight 8:00 to 3:30 2nd flight 8:30 to 4:00
  • A free meal for all competitors on Saturday after fishing and before the award ceremony.
  • As fish are measured throughout the day the results will be posted and available on your smart phone.

More cash prizes for top finishers!

1st place: $10,000
2nd place: $6,500
3rd place: $3,500
Based on a tournament maximum of 200 teams.

Hi John! Its the 2nd place team from your last tournament. Just giving you some feed back.

First of all hope SFRG have the historical tournament next year. This tournament was and still is one of the most popular tournaments, from prizes to the clubs amazing hospitality not to mention the fun with the flag boat guys.

This tournament once had a waiting list join ….amazing, further more fishing was awesome as usual and the new slot rules were just an added strategy to place, and makes it anyone’s game now not just big fish.

With hope to see SFRG host their historical tournament next year.


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